Origial article posted at WPTV.com.

Crystal Nickell and the Royal Palms of Saint Lucie raise money for agencies who help women and children.

Among the people the agencies have helped–  a family who lost their home due to a fire.

Crystal said, “They lost everything, so we actually did a fundraiser for them and raised a couple of thousand dollars for them as well.”

Crystal is a volunteer, but is more than willing to spend several hours a week organizing fundraisers.

“Total over the last ten years we have raised close to a quarter of a million dollars and this year we donated 25 thousand dollars to twelve different organizations.

Money that goes to good use.

“Pace Center for girls they were a five thousand dollar recipient and then we tiered down from there. Treasure Coast Food Bank 35 hundred dollar recipient.”

Now the ladies are collecting prom dresses to give away to teens. Whether it’s supplies or money, Crystal says the payoff is helping someone else smile.

“When you deliver a check to someone and they are just so dumbfounded by it, and look at you that they can’t believe you are doing this for me, this is really wonderful, it’s a great, great feeling.”